Need a trading desk?

enjoy independence in a collaborative environment.

Collaborative environment.

Benefit from an open environment with experienced traders and programmers with whom you can bounce ideas back and fourth with.

Quality tools and support.

High performing CPU with 4 screens and various software. A floor manager is available at all times.

No strings attached.

Our contracts are on a month to month basis, you are free to stay for as long as you wish.

24 hr access.

On weekdays, we offer 24 hour access to our traders for those trading cryptocurrencies.

Prime location.

Our offices are located in the heart of downtown Montreal (McGill metro).

Exclusive trading software.

Our in-house technology division has developed strategic trading platforms to maximize performance.

How much?

Competitive price and value.

Having been independent traders ourselves, we understand the lack of affordable trading desks available for rent in the city.

We go further by offering quality trading desks at a reasonable price, in an environment that encourages strategy improvement through collaboration.

$1 200.00 / monthly *

*Note: Initial set up service fee of $500.00 is not included. Rentals are on a month to month basis, no strings attached.


Let us know.

We will be in touch to set up a meeting, depending on availability and criteria.

Selection and procedure

Please note that MTG carefully curates its trading floor through a selection process. We strive to create and provide an environment of innovation and collaboration.