1 month intensive courses (in-class education)

We believe in learning through active participation, so our courses are given in small groupsWe want to ensure that each student’s comprehension and is comfortable participating as well as asking questions. We’ve also found that there is a better interaction flow, not only with educators but also among students.

Our courses are designed to cover the essentials of trading, going from basics to advanced strategies.

Our educators are experienced traders will present what they have found to be the most useful subjects/strategies used in their experience practicing.

1 500 +

Online and offline MTG students since 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a beginner, will I be able to follow MTG courses?

Yes our courses are designed to teach you from the ground up. We start with the basics and then cover advanced topics, we want to ensure a complete understanding of the subjects.

What if I already know how to trade?

Unless you are a professional trader working with a firm, you can definitely benefit from our courses. Yes, we go over the basics at first but discuss trading techniques and know-hows that can impact/improve your trading.

Who are MTG classes designed for?

MTG classes are made for beginners to intermediary traders who are seeking to learn independently with experienced traders. Our classes are made of small groups as we believe in active participation.

We have also had a variety of students who worked in completely different fields and simply wanted to learn about the industry or in order to start trading on their own.

Do I receive certification after completing MTG courses?

MTG does not offer accredited professional certifications. Our classes are privately held for those who want to learn from experienced and professional traders, or who are seeking to trade with us.